Animals are awesome. Let's talk about it.

Our Mission

To showcase the most interesting and unknown facets of all wildlife to the delight and awe of animal lovers everywhere. We seek to celebrate that which makes the fauna of our planet so diverse, to find the humanity in the way they exist, and to understand everything we can about them.

OUR Values

  • Be illuminating: We hope that every time you visit The Naturalist, you will learn something new, whether it's a new animal fact or the state of wildlife conservation in a foreign country.

  • Be delightful: Animals are hilarious, and we're sure they won't mind if we laugh at their silliness a little bit.

  • Be positive: News about wildlife can frequently be heartbreaking - how often is it that you find out about an animal species but it's too late to save them? We focus on what makes wildlife so fascinating in the hopes that this will foster empathy for conservation efforts around the globe.

  • Be beautiful: Every animal species, whether they occupy the land, sea, or air, has an innate gorgeousness to them. The Naturalist places the utmost emphasis on giving our audience only the highest quality photography and video content so we can enjoy that beauty together.